Sunday, March 29, 2015

Scenes from the iWizard Workshop

Sarah and Anna create media in the Mac Lab.

Twenty iWizards spent the day, Thursday, March 26, designing and creating the New Student iPad Orientation on August 14. Below are some scenes from the day's activities.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Today's "Preview ISTE 2015" Rehearsal

Rehearsing today for the "Preview ISTE 2015" Webinar which will be held on April 8. I will give a sneak peek of my June presentation in Atlanta.  My topic is Peer-to-Peer Tech Training.

I will include the following media and references . . . 

Mercy 2.0 Labs (The first 25 seconds).

Alison Kline-Kator's interview 

Taylor's iWizard Interview

Becoming a Digital School Administrator

The iWizard's New Student iPad Orientation


Alison's interview

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Day in the Life of the iWizards

Thursday am spending the day with my beloved iWizards.  Counting Mr. James, we will be twenty-two strong. The day is devoted to  building the August 14 New Student iPad Orientation from scratch.  Most of our morning activities will be lead by juniors Taylor, Katie, Izzy, and our guest Ms. Tarplin.

The juniors will be organizing the selection of orientation topics and looking at best practices of slide show presentations and resources from past years. Ms. Tarplin, our Dean of Students, will be drawing on her business and teaching background to give some presentation tips.

The afternoon will be given over to creating media for the workshops and making logistical decisions.  They will also be selecting staff mentors to invite to their teams. The mentors will give feedback at the presentation rehearsals and also be present in the classrooms on the orientation day.  Below is the brochure invitation the eight "lucky" staff members will receive to join us.

Photos to come!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

iWizards' Preso at MACUL: Intercepted Tweets

 Larry, Izzy, Taylor, Katie
It was really fun presenting with my student co-presenters on March 19 at MACUL15

Paul Sandy @Mr_SandyTeach
Great presentation by @labcbaker and his students! Here with @mrdixon_edu

Kelli O'Connell @oconnell1128
@labcbaker Thank you MHS iWizards for presenting today. Great example of student leaders teaching their peers. #macul15

Craig McMichael favorited
#macul15 Presenting at 8:30am in room 355 with Students at MACUL15: "iWizards: Empowering Students as Leaders . . . ."

Andrea McKay @McKay_Vikings
HS students teaching younger students how to be creative with their tech -- iCreate workshops with focus on creativity! So cool! @labcbaker

Andrea McKay @McKay_Vikings
Love how Mercy High School @mhsit uses student iWizards to help staff/students with tech! @labcbaker #MACUL15 Great community of learners!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Presenting with Students at MACUL15: "iWizards: Empowering Students as Leaders . . . ."

Today is a new and exciting experience for me.  Apple Education invited me to bring some iWizards to MACUL15 to explain our program.  I'm so confident that Taylor, Izzy, and Katie will kill it!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Students Teaching Students-- the Benefits Work Both Ways!

For my upcoming presentations at MACUL and ISTE on Peer-to-Peer technology training I have interviewed two iWizards. Their experiences come from teaching new students at the Mercy iPad Orientation and 7th/8th graders at iCreate. Here are some sound bites that I found very perceptive and interesting.

Taylor's remarks on the effectiveness peer-to-peer instructions

Katie and Taylor reflect on the benefits they have received as trainers from Peer-to-Peer training.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Maker Movement, GIFs, and the Yellow Pages

The infuriating reason you still get a phonebook delivered every year
Phonebooks were once extremely useful: before the internet, they were the main way we had of looking up phone numbers and addresses of local businesses or acquaintances. But for most people, they've become useless — and simply recycling or throwing away the 650,000 tons of phonebooks
stevendepolo via Compfight cc
distributed nationally each year costs municipalities somewhere between $45 and $62 million.

Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover: Tech-savvy Teens Remain Fans of Print Books
Despite teens' tech-savvy reputation, this group continues to lag behind adults when it comes to reading e-books, even with the young adult genre's digital growth relative to the total e-book market. 

YouTube Now Lets You Make GIFs From Videos
Making short GIFs of YouTube videos is a pretty well-established practice now — so much so that there's dozens of websites dedicated to this finest of art forms. But YouTube might be about to make them all obsolete, thanks to a new built-in GIF maker

What’s missing from mobile learning?
Any mobile learning initiative worth its salt aims to improve student outcomes — and that’s more likely to happen when teachers fundamentally change their instructional strategies to capitalize on mobile capabilities, researchers say.

Can the Maker Movement Infiltrate Mainstream Classrooms?
Dougherty is hopeful that events like the White House Maker Faire will help catalyze a movement that accepts maker-style self-directed learning in schools. He sees a lot of interest in affluent communities, but a lot less involvement in low-income areas. Incorporating the maker movement into public schools would reach help reach all students, perhaps sparking a life long interest in kids that might not otherwise be exposed.

Displaying Students' Digital Work
So I didn't really have a workflow plan and list of things to display so this has been total trial and error. What I found is that once I displayed a couple student presentations more and more students have asked to have their worked "streamed" in the big screens. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

iPad Tips & Tricks by MHS iWizards

The iWizards have published a collection of iPad Tips and Tricks to iTunes U, available for anyone to access.  It is best experienced in the iOS iTunes U app.
iPad Tips & Tricks by MHS iWizards is searchable at the iTunes store or it is available online at

The collection is currently composed of thirteen very brief tutorials or descriptions of apps or shortcuts that we have found useful in our school work. We intend to add to and update the collection as a continual project.

We are also placing the collection as a "course" in Mercy's Schoology LMS. All students and staff will be enrolled and they will receive animated virtual badges when they complete tutorials.  More on that in a week or two!

Course editors: L-R, Izzy, Tomoe, Larry, Katie, Taylor.  Photo courtesy of H. Smith

Monday, March 2, 2015

Photos from Tech Talk 2015

Keynote Audience

Photos courtesy of Ann Lusch, Katie Birecki, Theresa Benton, Larry Baker, Tom James, Chris Baker, Renee Valentine, Cheryl Corte, Michelle Slaviero.

Having trouble with the flash on the slideshow?  Here are the same photos in a YouTube:

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