Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Day in the Life of the iWizards

Thursday am spending the day with my beloved iWizards.  Counting Mr. James, we will be twenty-two strong. The day is devoted to  building the August 14 New Student iPad Orientation from scratch.  Most of our morning activities will be lead by juniors Taylor, Katie, Izzy, and our guest Ms. Tarplin.

The juniors will be organizing the selection of orientation topics and looking at best practices of slide show presentations and resources from past years. Ms. Tarplin, our Dean of Students, will be drawing on her business and teaching background to give some presentation tips.

The afternoon will be given over to creating media for the workshops and making logistical decisions.  They will also be selecting staff mentors to invite to their teams. The mentors will give feedback at the presentation rehearsals and also be present in the classrooms on the orientation day.  Below is the brochure invitation the eight "lucky" staff members will receive to join us.

Photos to come!

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