Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ed Tech Musings II

Last weekend I noted that  I am on vacation looking out at a gorgeous Lake Michigan sunset, and thought it would be fun to do a stream of consciousness blog of unrelated topics. I had an excess of musings so here are the rest!

*Without consciously deciding a policy we have started to lease almost all of our  tech equipment.  When I started in administration four years ago we bought most. At a tuition-funded school I actually think the approach is more just since the costs are shared more fairly by the students who benefit from the gear. This has not driven the change, but now that we've gone to leasing I am happy with it.

*I love creating the look and feel of the Multi-Touch books available at iTunes. Creating them is rather time-consuming and is more like creating a slide deck than composing. I urge our staff to publish through iTunes U "courses" instead. They are easier to create and can be kept current with little effort.

*Writing this blog twice a week continues to be a very good discipline for me and really helps me to "Keep my head in the game" in terms of ed tech. This is post 781.

*I am really glad that I created a couple of tech courses for teachers on our new learning management system (Schoology). It forced me to learn the basics, which put me in our teachers shoes.

*After commenting in my last post about my difficulty "unplugging" during vacations, my wife caught me texting during a hike. (She gave me a "pass" because it was Fathers Day!)

Caught in the act.

*I totally get it that some people want to get completely away from work on vacation and I honor that when so informed.  But I find it a little perplexing that the same people then tell me that they didn't want to "bother me" about an issue when I am vacationing even though I made it clear they should reach out via email, text if something comes up. Thoughts?

* I wonder technical skills schools or school districts now have for administrators.

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