Thursday, August 6, 2015

Learner Agency, Flipped Professional Development, 3D Printing, and More

3 Reasons Why Faculty Meetings Are a Waste of Time
Flipping leadership sounds like a gimmick but it's not. Co-construct the meetings with staff and make sure there is a focus on learning. Decide what the learning focus is together. Look at data, listen to the discussions and questions that go on around the school. There is so much to focus on in education that revolves around learning.

Year One With a 3D Printer: 17 Tips
16. Plan longer-term projects.
If you taught in the days when classrooms had only one computer, you'll remember how we used to plan. Students "took turns." Think of 3D printers in the same way. If you have a class of 30 students working in teams of five, you'll need at least six days of class time.

8 Steps To Flipped Teacher Professional Development
This is the anti-program program. Less about experts and more about staff capacity. To achieve a self-sustaining, always-on program, the program has to be turned over to the teachers through dozens of sources, from books and district resources to blogging and social media.

7 Essential Principles of Innovative Learning
Every educator wants to create an environment that will foster students’ love of learning. Because the criteria are intangible, it’s difficult to define or pinpoint exactly what they are. But one group is giving it a try.

Scientists have created 3D holograms that you can touch
The research team . . . .has managed to create a display out of femtosecond lasers, which they’re calling “Fairy Lights.” These lasers pulse at one quadrillionth of a second and turn air in a specific point into plasma—or ionized air—which you can touch. . . .the plasma feels like sandpaper.

Learner Agency-- The next Big Thing in Educational Technology


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