Saturday, August 16, 2014

Scenes from the iPad Orientation Conducted by MHS iWizards

On August 15, the Mercy High School iWizards conducted an iPad Orientation for all new students.  The iWizards created all of the resources and instructional materials which are now available at Schoology.

All of the technical support and logistics were provided by Mr. James. Mr. Bank, and Ms. Corte.

The iWizards appreciated the staff orientation mentors they had invited to participate: Mr. Skellet, Ms. Kline-Kator, Ms. McGavin, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Harris-Schultheis, Ms. S. Smith, and Ms. H. Smith. Several other staff members helped with greetings, registration, and photography.

The video and photos shown here have been contributed by Mr. Wamp and Ms. Lusch.

3 or 4 iWizards were available to help at each session.

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