Sunday, August 3, 2014

Worth Hiring? Reimagining Learning Spaces and Twitter Me this . . .

Worth Hiring?
I began to wonder, do educators hire the best candidate or a possible friend?. . . .What I've learned through participating in nearly two dozen interview committees is this: The person that is best for kids will likely be a great fit with staff.  The focus must be squarely on, who is best for kids.

Handy Google Hangout Cheat Sheet for Teachers
Google Plus Hangout allows you to organize video and text conversations with your contacts. Within hangouts, users can share files, documents, and photos. Video calls on Hangouts are limited to only 10 members but using Hangout on Air will let you share your hangout live on YouTube or your website. The hangout will also be recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel.

Introducing a Technology (iPads?): What SAMR Really Looks Like
What Will It Take for iPads to Upend Teaching and Learning?
 Letting students take ownership of their learning may be at the heart of what Hillview hopes to eventually achieve, but getting to that level of transformational learning takes letting go of control on the part of teachers and administrators. And that’s where it can be tricky, even for a school like Hillview that’s committed to the idea of the iPad as a “positive disruptor” — a force that will require them to think about change.

Twitter me this…why use Twitter for school communication?
Every week a stack of reminders are sent home. Tests, pictures, events, policies, etc…we send them home in bulk at certain times of the year. A tweet is only 140 characters. Short and sweet.  “ Free dress tomorrow.”  “Don’t forget to return your library books.” “ 2nd grade field trip, bring your lunch!” All the things a teacher wishes she could call and remind each parent of the day before. May not be worth another sheet a paper, but a tweet? Absolutely.

To Inspire Learning, Architects Reimagine Learning Spaces
“‘We learned that a STEM building is not a linear thing, with math on one side and science on the other,’ Thaler explains. ‘What we designed is like the petals of a flower, with math and science sharing the classrooms and a great melting pot in the middle.’”

The Best and Worst: Media Habits of the Class of 2014

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