Sunday, July 27, 2014

Reflection on re-enlisting to teach "Technology Leadership"

This week, just as I was finishing by LiveText documentation for EDU 6270 (“Technology Leadership”) at Madonna University, I was asked about teaching the course again in 2015.  I immediately agreed to do so.

Faithful readers may be surprised by my lack of hesitation on re-upping to teach this online course.  In P.S. - Online Courses the Dark Side I detailed some of my frustrations with the experience. And to be honest, similar frustrations continued right to the end of the course. 

But now that I am finished I have the urge to put my steep learning curve to someuse, particularly since I had to create so many new materials, rubrics, and assignments for the online version of the class.

Most importantly, teaching this class forces me to stay current of some important issues that personally and professionally interest me:

1) Curriculum Alignment

2) Principles of Leadership

3) Transformational Uses of Educational Technology.

Essentially, teaching this graduate course has become an important part of my professional development, making it well worth the occasional headaches.

Screenshot of Grant Writing Assignment and Rubric Workflow through Blackboard LMS

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