Thursday, July 10, 2014

Intercepted Tweets from #ISTE2014

Intercepted Tweets from #ISTE2014

"We have to teach all children as if they might one day be a member of our family.” — Jeff Charbonneau 

“And remember, a good teacher doesn't always need technology, but technology will always need good teachers.” — Luke Allen

“When students have to author content, they have to know the content.” — Sean Junkins

“The people driving change with digital tools aren't tech geeks. They're teaching geeks.” — Bill Ferriter

morgueFile photo by Hotblack

“I'm saddened by how much I continue to hear device focused conversation at #ISTE2014 - Focus on the learning, NOT on the technology.” — Tom Murray

“Project-Based Learning makes the best use of tech while avoiding tech for tech's sake. — James Murray

“What might happen if students were leveraged for not just tech support, but lesson support?” – Jamie Lewsadder

“Love how @techsavvyed video on #notatiste14… is one of highest viewed videos for #ISTE2014 Check it out!: — Sue Waters

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