Sunday, September 13, 2015

Boomerang, Flipped Staff Meetings and More!

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Boomerang for Gmail review
Boomerang essentially makes your emails go out and, wait for it… arrive when you want them to. Scheduling sending and postponing of incoming emails seem to be the basic staples of the app that most of its users love.

The Importance of Low-Stakes Student Feedback
Many classes in the U.S. assign a grade by tallying up cumulative points on all tests, quizzes, assignments, and projects throughout the semester. But quizzes given early in the course tend to benefit those students who come into the class with prior knowledge of the subject. If a student has a mother who’s a chemist, for example, or a father who’s a history buff might perform better on early assessments because she’s familiar with the material.

5 Challenges We Overcame Moving To A Flipped Staff Meeting
So if staff meetings tend to be ineffective, boring, and repetitive, why do we continue to run them the way they have always been run?

School Librarians Want More Tech—and Bandwidth 
iPads, maker spaces, 3-D printers, and coding skills top the tech wish lists for 1,259 school librarians across the country, according to School Library Journal’s (SLJ) 2015 Technology Survey. Educators are hungry to bring their students even more—whether that’s robotics classes or Arduino kits.

A PD approach that educators love (and learn from!)
The leader usually begins by asking, “So what are you teaching next week?” Participants share their lesson plans and spend the session creating products with the new technology that they can use in their classrooms next week.  

Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning

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