Friday, March 12, 2010

MACUL Conference Presentation on Challenge Based Learning

I'm the Amway Plaza, today (March 12), presenting for the 2010 MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning) Conference. Here's the description of today's session:

Using Apple’s Challenge-Based Learning to Build Learning networks
Larry Baker, Teacher, Mercy High School

This presentation outlines Apple’s “Challenge Based Learning” as implemented in two courses. CBL is not dependent on specific software/equipment. It fosters authentic learning and leverages technology tools and resources. Students use Web 2.0 for planning, collaborating, and sharing, while seeking solutions. The shift from teacher-learner to co-learners will be examined.

I've been looking forward to this presentation ever since the students completed their presentations in early December. I am going to let their videos and online solutions do much of the talking. Here are many of the presentation resources:

My 2010 MACUL Presentation Slides: Challenge Based Learning

The Challenge Assignment: Create an Authentic Medium for Improving our Democracy

Student Video Interviews: Challenge Based Learning

Student Created Challenge Solution: Gov Love Ning

Student Created Challenge Solution: Operation iVote Demo

Student Created Challenge Solution: The Ideal Voter Site

Student Created Challenge Solution: The Democracy of Tomorrow Site

Student Created Challenge Solution: What Up, Gov! Facebook Group

Apple Computer: Challenge Based Learning

Screenshot from Apple Keynote created slide Challenge Based Learning presentation

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