Monday, February 1, 2010

AP Government CBL -- Student Solutions: Facebook

This is a fifth student solution to the following cbl project challenge: "Create an Authentic Medium for Improving our Democracy".

In my last post I described a student-created web site simply brimming with original content and already visited by over 800 persons before the group even revealed the site to our class. I was completely blown away by this accomplishment.

But, ironically, another group-- one group I suspected of taking the easiest route to a solution, may have actually come closest to fully meeting the challenge. They created a Facebook Group to hold an information and discussion forum that is still actively functioning, today. In terms of authenticity, I think this group is hard to beat.

Quoting from the notes on their Google Doc, the students arrived at good reasons for choosing Facebook as their medium:

People are already there, are comfortable in this arena (casual)
Not graded, viewed by an adult (might be condescending)
It's a place for people with similar interest, compelled to discuss because joined a group
Positive peer pressure
It's cool to be political!
Sparks interest,conversation
Ex.- gun control talk
Where else would anyone with interest go?
Diverse group gathers here
Views are challenged
Views are published, cannot be wishy-washy

After reviewing the discussions at What Up Gov! it was evident to me that students were genuinely engaging in discussions and responding to peer review. This cbl group had in fact created a comfortable commons for students to virtually hang out and engage in political discussions. If you are on Facebook, consider joining!

I will also be using the What Up Gov! group for my final AP cbl post: Assessments.

Screen Capture of What Up Gov! Facebook Group site

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