Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AP Government CBL -- Solutions: A Vibrant Web Site

This is the 6th post in a series on the AP Gov cbl project. The last post investigated a web site that was launched as a demo. I was stunned to find that two groups had produced fully operational sites. This one is called The Ideal Voter. Be sure to go to the Guestbook page and note the comments of some of its many visitors.

Let me allow the Ideal Government group to explain the "mission" of their site in their own words:

The ultimate goal is to not only inform, but excite young (and soon-to-be) voters in America. . . . The ability to vote brings power: power to change the world around us, and power to make life in America better for the future. . . .

The assignment which inspired the creation of this website was to "Create an authentic medium for strengthening democracy." In America, we have the opportunity to take part in politics and truly make a difference. . . . . Thus, we are attempting to promote democracy in America by empowering young voters. Although we have focused on Southeast Michigan, people from across the country are welcome to join in the fun.

The future is ours, and it all starts now. Help us to build a generation of politically educated and opinionated men and women!

Before they even did their presentation for us, the group had attracted over 500 visitors with their information site. The site is exceedingly well designed and is an excellent source of news and facts. It also hosts a lively blog. One of the most impressive links was a portal for actually registering to vote-- something the group succeeded in accomplishing with a few newly-turned-eighteen visitors.

I found the solution to be virtually flawless. Furthermore, the group members had absolutely immersed themselves in their research and site construction. Their passion came through during another wonderful presentation. My only disappointment is to see that the site has now fallen more or less dormant. As you will soon learn, only one group truly built an authentic medium that continues to have a vibrant life beyond the assignment deadline.


Screen capture from The Ideal Voter "about us" page

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