Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekend Take Out from the Opinion Drive-thru

Here are three excellent reads which came my way via Twitter:

* We're Connected to Writing in New Ways
What has changed is our sense of text as fixed, not fluid, as something solid to which we can return again and again. That's the influence of the Web, of course, where story has no end and no beginning, and readers are not passive but play a determining role. This is scary to a certain way of thinking, but I want to look in the opposite direction, to suggest that what is more compelling is how this opens up the possibilities.

*Forwarding Is the New Networking
High performers we interviewed specifically mentioned that they did large amounts of selective forwarding. That is, when they saw an online item that they knew would be interesting or useful to a member of their network, they forwarded it. It's a way of saying, "I know what you're interested in, and I'm thinking about you.

*Educational Transformation: The Death Valley Bloom
When we work towards transforming our schools, it sometimes feels as if they will never change. We look out at the landscape of reform and see a vast desert. Things look hopeless. We don't know where to begin. We get discouraged. The Death Valley Bloom should give us hope.

"Take Out" with generous permission of americanvirus

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