Monday, March 15, 2010

Reflections on MACUL 2010

Some random thoughts about last week's MACUL conference:

Most mind-blowing: Learning how Holland Christian schools had made their Macbook webcams a ubiquitous part of their curriculum across disciplines.

Best choice -- Choosing Cool Cat Teacher's presentation as my first. She is a true powerhouse of ideas and energy. Got me psyched. Enjoyed getting to check out her Kindle too.

So Odd -- Realized sometime Thursday morning that in another life I had attended a basketball clinic at the Pantlind Hotel (Now Amway Center). Big name speakers like John Wooden ran plays in the Civic Center (now Devos Center).

So Sad -- Having presented at both Cobo Center / and Amway-Devos this school year, it is depressing to note how inferior Detroit's facility was in nearly every way. Why do we set the bar so low?

Worst Exhibitors -- Gale Cengage had two booths and three persons attending. Not one of them could answer a simple, important question about ebooks.

Happiest Exhibitor -- The C-Span rep was ecstatic to have an American Government teacher stop by. I signed her email list (only the second name, though I visited shortly before closing). She urged me to take extra pencils and confided to me that I was privileged to be getting at C-Span pen because I was a Gov. guy. Woo-hoo!

I Surrender -- Apple's Helen Hoffenberg vehemently recommended Tony Wagner's The Global Achievement Gap two days after Will Gervais had done so, I ordered it on the spot with my iTouch.

Swimming in Ideas -- The drive home went very quickly as I reflected on engaging conversations with such interesting folks as:

Dan (Traverse City West) -- Using Challenge Based Learning for A.P. English.

Andy (Calhoun Co. Intermediate) -- Finding "Big Ideas" for Challenge Based Learning

Jane (Apple), -- An amazing Alaskan human interest story involving collaboration.

Calvin (Apple) -- The wonders of the new QuickTime and Apple's aggressive buy-back program for schools who choose duddy P.C.s. Hope we get together for coffee to continue that conversation.

"Day Dream" Flickr Creative Commons photo by perfect day dream


Carol Kirkland said...

Sounds like it was a conference worth attending! Some exciting ideas for sure...

Jim said...

Thanks for rating us as mind blowing. Here are my reflections on my own presentation, I would love some feedback.

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