Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loving My Gmail

I am one of the Gmail "beta-users" at Mercy.  Our tech department has already assigned all students and staff Google accounts, but we do not all switch to Gmail until June.  However, I have several personal and administrative reasons to thrill at the switch:

*We each will have ten times the amount of mail storage as we do presently.
*Gmail is free.
*Gmail has terrific spam recognition software.
*It is "smart" in other ways too, like autofilling addresses
*No email has a better search function (After all, this is a Google app).
*As a "cloud" service it suits both desk top and mobile users.
*It will naturally integrate well with our other Google Apps.
*It is fast.

Like anything new, there will be adjustments.  But this is one area where I think the payoffs for changing will be realized very quickly.

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