Thursday, February 2, 2012

iPad Projects (and Management)

We officially have half a dozen school iPads in the building.  We are testing apps and testing out our Apple TVs, projectors, and (soon) our administrative software.

Megan puts on an awesome iPad demonstration 
Unofficially, we allowed several student iPads onto the network so that the girls could put on a demonstration at our Open House for prospective students.  There was a terrific buzz in the Media Center as the did so.

We have so many initiatives going with our Mercy 2.0 plans that I put out a call to my fellow ADEs for help selecting project management software.  I've placed the following projects into my new Basecamp software:

*iPad Deployment -- We want to sell the iPads directly to students through the school web site.  

*Professional Development -- Our president has mandated that robust professional development, precede, accompany, and follow iPad implementation.  We are working closely with a terrific consultant on this challenge. (More later!).

*Leveraging ebooks.

*iPad app selection.  We are attempting to put together an app starter pack for the ninth graders.  Four teachers have been given iPads in order to work this selection with me.

*App Deployment and fee structure.  How will we distribute the apps?  How much should their cost be rolled into tuition?

*Computer Lab.  Our new ninth grade curriculum is calling for a second computer lab.  We may very well have 26 iMacs coming our way this summer.

I don't know how the project management software will work out, but I am certain the projects themselves will provide plenty of content for the Drive-thru.

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