Sunday, February 19, 2012

Apple Slices

Apple "Mountain Lion" OS logo
Rethinking Testing in the Age of iPad
Moving assessments onto mobile devices may open the door to quicker feedback for students and teachers as well as richer data, but without proper management of the devices and a strong infrastructure to support them, integrating the devices can be a challenge.

Why China and Apple Are a Match Made in Hell
As recent events have demonstrated, Apple is incompatible with China’s business culture, legal system and worker culture.

iPad Owners Rush to Sell Devices ahead of iPad3
According to the Boston Herald, Gazelle, an online service that buys used electronics and resells them through retail outlets, saw a 500% increase in iPad resale orders last Thursday, a number that grew steadily stronger over the weekend.

30 New OS Mountain Lion Features
Since only developers have access to the Mountain Lion beta at this point, I put together this quick video for all of Cult Of Mac’s great readers detailing 30 of the best new features of Mountain Lion, all jam packed into just two minutes.

RIP iChat,  2002-12

What we mourn today is the loss of your earthly shell: the name that became a verb. “I’ll iChat you” — how many times have I said that? It took a while for it to shift to “I’ll gChat you,” which is what I say now. I used the name iChat while using gChat for at least a year.

WSJ Predicts New iPad Release on March 7
The iPad 3 will come in 4G LTE versions for Verizon and AT&T according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. It was reported earlier today that the iPad 3 announcement would come on March 7.

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