Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ed Tech Quotes

"Disagreement" Flickr CC Photo by Scott McLeod 
“When the cold war ended, we thought we were going to have a clash of civilizations. It turns out we’re having a clash of generations” -- David Rothkopf

"This fits with the cliché of “If all one knows is a hammer, then everything is viewed as a nail.”  The same tenet applies to educational technology integration, “If all the educator knows is Word and PPT, then all technology-integrated learning experiences will be viewed through the lens of a Powerpoint.” -- Jackie Gerstein, EdD  

"Thick textbooks weighing on students’ shoulders might disappear across South Korea in four years, as the government seeks to convert all paper textbooks into digital versions by 2015, the Education Ministry said." -- eSchoolNews

"It’s a mistake to deprecate digital images just because they are suddenly everywhere, reproduced so effortlessly. We’re in the habit of associating value with scarcity, but the digital world unlinks them. You can be the sole owner of a Jackson Pollock or a Blue Mauritius but not of a piece of information — not for long, anyway. Nor is obscurity a virtue. A hidden parchment page enters the light when it molts into a digital simulacrum. It was never the parchment that mattered." --JAMES GLEICK

"Apple turned its tablet into a $6 billion business in the quarter. That is twice as big as Dell’s entire consumer PC business." -- Verne G. Kopytoff

[About the closing of Borders Books] "Even traditionalists who relish the heft of a new book, who crave quiet time to read in a soft chair, are driving the technological shift. We, too, who whirl an iPad with an almost childlike wonderment, who pack iTunes with something new, who decide we don't have to pay for, say, the daily newspaper because "it's free on the Internet."  Until it's gone — like Borders soon will be, another monument to missed business opportunity and to changing times."  -- Daniel Howes

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