Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Math is Dead, Long Live Mathematics!" & other links

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Math is Dead, Long Live Mathematics!

 “Mathematics” comes from the Greekmáthēma which means learning, study, and science. It is a way of deducing truth – an absolutely essential human ability. Yet when a smart 17-year old kid says to me “I can’t do math”, I never think he’s really telling me “I can’t learn”, or “I can’t think scientifically”, or “I don’t know how to seek truth.” Rather, I think he’s saying he isn’t good at calculating answers from book problems.

Do the Opposite
Sometimes innovation stems from just deciding NOT to do something.
Have your desks in rows? Change it up. Let your kids set up the room the way they want.
Find yourself lecturing too much? Don't lecture. Having trouble with the wi-fi? Take the kids out for a walk.   

YouTube Launches Site Specifically for Teachers

The new teachers site is part one of two big initiatives on the part of YouTube geared towards educators.  Teachers can also sign up to become part of the YouTube Teachers Community, a mailing list that allows them to share ideas and best practices.

How do you find good Educational Apps?
There are a lot of amazing new educational apps out there, whether you’re looking for native apps or Web apps, apps for your mobile phone, for your tablet, or for your laptop.

iPad and iPad2 Deployments
Yale University, has certainly taken note of that. The private Ivy League university has given iPads to all its medical students. As Yale’s Daily News describes it – “Yale School of Medicine students’ backpacks just got a whole lot lighter.” Yale’s School of Medicine is giving all its med students an iPad 2. Students will be able to use Apple’s tablet in the classroom and clinical labs.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Now fits into an App
The Britannica, however, isn’t going away, or ignoring the digital world. It has long had a paid website. When it comes to school research, it is often trusted by many teachers and parents over less rigorously vetted sources. And now, it is about to launch a slick iPad app containing its entire content at a greatly reduced price: $2 a month, or $24 a year

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