Friday, October 29, 2010

MAME37 Presentations -- Dearborn Hyatt Regency

It's great to be back at the MAME Annual Conference this year.  This will be my third appearance at a MAME activity, and the school library media specialists are a favorite audience.    Last year, I introduced a presentation on my digital anthology, a topic I repeated for the MHS staff and the MACUL Cloud Conference.

Today, I am presenting on the following topics:

(12:45- 1:45) Using Apple’s Challenge-Based Learning to Build Learning Networks
Apple's Challenge-Based Learning model fosters authentic understanding and leverages technology. Students use the web for research, planning, and collaborating while seeking solutions. The media specialist's role as guide will be explored.

(2:00 - 3:00) Building A Knowledge Hub for Your Learning Community presented by Larry Baker
Baker's M-Hub Project helps life-long learners build personal learning networks.  It is grounded in the Department of Education's "2010 National Educational Technology Plan."  Staff are networked as real-time resources.

This will be the maiden voyage of my M-Hub preso-- It has recently been accepted for MACUL at Cobo Center in March.  But today will be unique, because I will be honored with the assistance of two student leaders from M-Hub.

As promised to attendees, here are the slides of the presentations: 

Screen capture from CBL 2

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