Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding Your Passion - PCG #6

Our latest Professional Cluster Group was the first to go off the rails.  I planned a longer session, but instead decided to "go with flow" and shorten the presentation, allowing for greater discussion.  The other slides can wait.  At this session I conducted two exercises:  1) I asked everyone to identify something (a subject) he/she was passionate about teaching or learning and then share it with another.  2) I showed the movie below and asked individuals to consider, was their an essential question here that he/she felt passionate about to pursue as a cross-school Challenge Based Learning project?  If so, would you be willing to "pitch" it to others at the upcoming in-service day?  We then discussed the topics.

The PCG groups made some interesting discoveries:

* Finding a CBL big idea that one "cared enough about to fail at" was a possible new way of engaging with the process for some of us.

* "Inter-disciplinary" is a phrase that carries too much baggage for us.  It suggests being tagged as a contributor by your discipline (e.g., science teacher).  Talking about "cross school teams" was liberating.  And the idea of joining a broad challenge group as an individual with a greater skill set than mere expertise in his/her discipline was an enticing concept for some.

* We liked the idea of being "free agents" who could join each other in project teams.

* Some of us still wanted to work within our individual departments, but realized we could do that and also collaborate with others another passion.  We could have our cake and eat it too.

* Some of us were holding back from wiki or group discussion for fear of being judged.  (I was glad this was expressed because it guided me in how I will react in the future to doubts, contradictions, and questions.

* We didn't like the idea of having to jump "all in" immediately and wondered of there was a way to try a small scale project in order to get the feel for the process.

There were too many other challenging questions and interesting responses to list here, but I suspect we have come to an important milestone in our process.

Introductory "Find Your Passion Slides"

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