Monday, October 11, 2010

Upcoming Presentations

I have written for presentation proposals for this professional organization and that. The first four have been accepted and I am waiting to hear about the one at the bottom. In the mean time I thought I would share them with you, to let you know what topics are on my mind these days.

The centerpiece of an American Government class now exists completely in the cloud. Students access instruction and tools from, Google Sites and WikiSpaces. Each builds (and visits) multimedia Google Sites for their fictional characters including a cloud White House. Full access to 2010 materials and exhibits will be included.

Using Apple’s Challenge-Based Learning to Build Learning Networks
Apple's Challenge-Based Learning model fosters authentic understanding and leverages technology. Students use the web for research, planning, and collaborating while seeking solutions. The media specialist's role as guide will be explored.

Digital Anthology
Baker explains how he has replaced a traditional reader with a cloud based text linked to current information and packed with multimedia. The tools and resources to be discussed -- Moodle, Google Docs, PBS, iTunesU, Academic Earth, NPR, Gale Virtual Research -- could be used for most courses and grade levels.

Building A Knowledge Hub for Your Learning Community
Mercy’s M-Hub Project helps students build learning networks “inside-out”. Grounded in the Department of Education's "2010 National Educational Technology Plan", the project uses social media to connect students with experts in the school community like parents and alumni. A blueprint will be presented for developing learning hubs at other schools.

Challenging the Challengers - A Staff Engages with Challenge Based Learning.

A school has engaged in learning design and culture shift through a series of innovative professional development activities.  The endgame calls for student directed learning experiences that develop Tony Wagner's 21st Century "Survival Skills."  The strategies, joys, and obstacles to this journey will be detailed.

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