Friday, October 22, 2010

MACUL Cloud Conference Presentations

I'm delighted to be at the MACUL Cloud Conference, today.  I'm looking forward to sampling some really interesting presentations on a theme near and dear to my ed tech heart.  I also have been eager to see Holland Christian after hearing about their innovative 1:1 program from Tim Kamps at  the 2009 ADE Summer Institute.

Here are the slides for my presentations:

A Cloud Based Digital Anthology  
8:30 am
Room 223

Baker explains how he has replaced a traditional reader with a cloud based text linked to current information and packed with multimedia. The tools and resources to be discussed — Moodle, Google Docs, PBS, iTunesU, Academic Earth, NPR, Gale Virtual Research — could be used for most courses and grade levels.

An Elaborate Congressional Simulation Moves to the Cloud
12:45 pm
Room 217

The centerpiece of an American Government class now exists completely in the cloud. Students access instruction and tools from, Google Sites and WikiSpaces. Each builds (and visits) multimedia Google Sites for their fictional characters including a cloud White House. Full access to 2010 materials and exhibits will be included.


Tim Kamps said...

Hey Larry, Great to see you and thanks for coming to present! Hope to see you at the March MACUL conference. - Tim

Larry Baker said...

I'll be there, Tim! Great job hosting the conference....And it was a treat being in an Apple-freindly environment like HCHS.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for presenting at last week's Teaching & Learning in the Cloud conference in Holland. The event was a success, thanks to you and the other presenters. We look forward to seeing you at the 2011 MACUL Conference in Detroit
-Ric Wiltse, MACUL

Larry Baker said...

Thanks, Ric.

Looking forward to presenting on M-Hub in March.

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