Monday, August 16, 2010

Twitter Intercepts

Some quotes from my Tweetdeck:

Gallup Student Poll

Based on a Gallup Student Poll, half of students are engaged; they are highly involved with and enthusiastic about school. The other half of students are either going through the motions at school (30%) or actively undermining the teaching and learning process (20%). Student engagement peaks during elementary school, decreases through middle school and 10th grade, and plateaus through the rest of high school -- seemingly after some of the most actively disengaged students drop out of school.

Via Rob Wall from ISTE10

It's not our resources/technology that engage (or not) but the questions we ask students to solve with it.

Pew Research Center: Teens, Cell Phones and Texting

  • Girls typically send and receive 80 texts a day; boys send and receive 30.
  • 86% of girls text message friends several times a day; 64% of boys do the same.
  • 59% of girls call friends on their cell phone every day; 42% of boys call friends daily on their cell phone daily.

Terry Moe and John Chubb via Dangerously Irrelevant

Precisely because technology promises to transform the core components of schooling, it is inevitably disruptive to the jobs, routines, and resources of the people whose livelihoods derive from the existing system

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