Monday, August 9, 2010

Loving Evernote

This post is dedicated to Ann-- my friend & "gang of four" comrade.

Way back in January 2009 (was it that recently), I presented one of my first after school workshops for staff. It was called QUICK HITTERS: GOOGLE DOCS + GOOGLE NOTEBOOKS + MP3S . Some of my colleagues quickly took to Google Notebooks, an online application that allowed users to save and organize clips of information while conducting research online. I loved it because it worked across platforms. But soon after I touted it, Google orphaned the app. That left folks who had climbed on board (like Ann and me) gnashing our teeth.

Well, now we have an option that totally blows Notebooks away. As WSJ tech guru Walter Mossberg has noted,

What if you could collect, in one well-organized, searchable, private digital repository, all the notes you create, clips from Web pages and emails you want to recall, dictated audio memos, photos, key documents, and more? And what if that repository was constantly synchronized, so it was accessible through a Web browser and through apps on your various computers and smart phones?

Well, such a service exists. And it’s free. It’s called Evernote.

Evernote works splendidly across platforms and has great mobile apps. Type a text note. Clip a web page. Snap a photo. Grab a screenshot. Evernote will keep it all safe in the cloud. It has many other features, but I am already addicted to the basic functions.

The free version offers 40MB per month is plenty for my personal needs. A premium service is available if you start storing big files for your work.

Please try it soon, Ann, before the fleeting shelf life of new technology breaks your heart!

All resources for this blog were stored on Evernote, of course.


Ann Lusch said...

I will take a look, Larry! But are you sure you want me to? It always seems that the cool tools I adopt get orphaned!

Chris Eldred said...

Evernote rocks, the more you put into it the more powerful it becomes! Also, don't forget the mobile app for your smartphone.

Ann Lusch said...

Update on Evernote: I did use it quite a bit during the last school year, and while I didn't utilize it to its fullest potential (no audio memos or photos, for example), I really appreciated this place to keep lots of notes about different things together and easily accessible from anywhere!

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