Monday, August 23, 2010

Suggestions for Group Research [Video]

Group research can be a tricky bit of business. What kinds of steps may be taken to encourage accountability, communication, and quality? I recently produced a short video for the specific purpose of helping out teachers who are venturing into Challenge Based Learning. However, the suggestions apply to other types of group projects as well.

This movie was made with the following tools: Dragon Dictation (iPhone), Voila, Evernote, Flicker Creative Commons, Photo to Movie, and GarageBand.


Lynn Waldsmith said...

Nice visuals Larry. Do you give students parameters as far as minimum/maximum number of sources they need to use? I know maximum is hardly an issue but when assigning articles or papers I always get students who ask "How many sources should we use?" I tell them the more the better but if I don't require a minimum of say, 3 or 5, I end up getting some one-source assignments.

Larry Baker said...

Thanks, Lynn. Strangely, in my seven go-rounds, this has never emerged as an issue. Usually the group members divide "research" so quantity is not a problem....though discerning quality is an important part of the learning experience! Also since I am a participant on the google doc there is probably some implicit pressure for some students, though I have never scolded a group to get going. I have only complained if they simply supply links instead of a synopsis.

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