Thursday, August 19, 2010

Student Take-away from Challenge Based Learning

This is one of the videos that has been posted at iTunes U on the Nebraska State Board of Education channel. It was posted in order to be made available to educators attending the K-12 Summit in Dallas. This puts me to mind of three things:

* The students were genuinely impacted by the power of the project. They are describing "authentic" experiences where they learned a great deal about democracy, networking, and the power of technology.

*Speaking of networking, how about the fact that videos made by a high school class in Farmington Hills, Michigan, end up on Nebraska content site? I tweeted a blog about the project and an ADE read it, and followed up on it for the summit.

*My experience with Apple has been truly transformational. Apple introduced me to the pedagogy of CBL and also help connect me to some very bright educational innovators.

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