Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good Times with Timelines

Usually I speak out strongly against using "tech for tech's", so consider me a hypocrite. Yesterday, I was guilty of using a piece of software simply because I was looking for a chance to use it and thought it was cool.

I gave a presentation (more on that Monday), that included instructions for when various steps of a process were due. Voila! A chance to use Timeline 3D!

At the 2010 ADE Summer Institute, I saw Robert Brock give a fabulous presentation which was based on various turning points in his life. As he narrated, a giant 3D timeline swept across the screen. Afterwards, many of us inquired about this animation and Robert graciously shared information along with a discounted price. So I bought a copy right away.

So why am I a hypocrite? Well, I knew that my small screen in an enormous room would not allow for any details, let alone the dates, to be visible in my presentation.

That was certainly not the software's fault. And I would like to add that its templates are gorgeous, data is easy to enter, and images may simply be dragged into the timeline. It then exports ever so easily into a Keynote slide show. I wish I taught history. I would have timelines screaming across the screen every other day.

One more cool thing. You can export it as an HD movie. So check it out:

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