Thursday, September 1, 2011

Interesting LINKS for Going back to School

All A-Twitter about Education

"Back to School" by Timothy Valentine

Some of the top tweeters in education.

14 Free and Simple Digital Media Tools
With so many free (or inexpensive) useful tech tools out there, editing video, audio, or photos doesn’t have to cost a fortune – or leave you with a headache. If your digital media needs are simple, your tools can be simple, too.

Apps for Poets

Poets may quickly fall in love with their iPhones and iPads through a number of fantastic apps. What kind of apps are there? Well, there are apps for reading poetry, writing poetry, jotting down snippets and ideas, recording poetry, and everything in between. The iPhone and iPad have become the solution for the modern day poet. These apps are for those that love the artistry of words.

The Visible College  (via will Richardson)

Class begins when the classroom door closes.” This image is enshrined in many practices, much popular memory, and even campus policies. But the concept may well be turned inside out in the near future as several trends coincide, altering the ways we teach and learn. That shut door is about to be wrenched open and our closed classes drawn into a global, visible college

The Case for Graphic Novels in Education
Graphic novels encompass such a wide range of themes and create such layered experiences through word and art that they actually belong in classrooms . . . . Because contemporary students have a much wider visual vocabulary than we did growing up, I contend that the format offers great opportunities to teach as well as to entertain.

10 Major Mobile Learning Trends to Watch For

While the applications of mobile learning are growing all the time, Online College has highlighted some of the major trends here, showing tge changes in how we teach, learn and interact in educational environments.

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