Thursday, September 15, 2011

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I am Young Detroit
 "I Am Young Detroit" is not just a blog, it’s a movement that highlights Detroit’s young Doers: Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders under 40. We profile Young Detroiters who are making their mark on the City of Detroit through their accomplishments and service to the community. We also publish positive news clips from our favorite sources and brief insights into other cool things happening in Detroit. 

"Three Keys for a Successful E-Mail Portfolio Implementation" (via Tim Kamps on Twitter)
David Niguidula, author and founder of Ideas Consulting, the success of an e-portfolio initiative depends to some degree on the approach schools take to the implementation. . . . Research has shown that schools that incorporate portfolios as a teaching and learning initiative typically have more success than those that view them primarily as a technology project.

7 Platforms for Changing the Future
As with every other branch of traditional media, the Internet has pushed the publishing industry to a critical inflection point. . . . Disrupting the mainstream marketplaces for journalism, literature, and the fundamental conventions of reading and writing themselves, here are seven startups that promise to reshape the way we create and consume ideas.

PayPal Seeing $10M In Mobile Payments Per Day
Last year, mobile payments were up 300 percent from the previous year, so PayPal could exceed the growth rate from 2010.

The Visible College  (via will Richardson)
Class begins when the classroom door closes.” This image is enshrined in many practices, much popular memory, and even campus policies. But the concept may well be turned inside out in the near future as several trends coincide, altering the ways we teach and learn. That shut door is about to be wrenched open and our closed classes drawn into a global, visible college

 Using LinkedIn – to Drive Traffic, Build Community, Generate Sales and Build Influence  

Not a day goes by when we don’t see Twitter and Facebook as being talked about as essential social networks for bloggers to be investing time into – but . . . I 

[Darren Rowse]
wonder if some have forgotten about a little – LinkedIn.

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