Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crisp September Links on Touch Devices

Amazon Challenges iPad's Dominance
While Bezos is looking to battle Apple in the tablet market, he is also mimicking the company's focus and its founder . . .Steve Jobs.


MIT Researchers Use iPhones to Detect Cataracts
Here’s another way the iPhone is revolutionizing medicine — it’s now a cheap, portable tool for detecting cataracts, the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

HP Shutters web OS Phones and Touch Pad
Turn out the lights on webOS as HP is discontinuing all devices running its OS acquired from Palm for $1.2 billion. This includes all phones and the just released TouchPad tablet. 

Amazon Has High Hopes for Its iPad Competitor "is on the verge of introducing its own tablet, analysts predict, a souped-up color version of its Kindle e-reader that will undercut the iPad in price and aim to steal away a couple of million in unit sales by Christmas.

Ipod Touch Resources

The iPod Touch and iPad are very user friendly. However, there are still tips and tricks you can use to make better use of your mobile device.

The iPad's Cool but It's No Substitute for a Real Laptop

I've been using and loving Apple laptops as my main digital work platforms since 1996, and have been an iPad 2 owner for just going on eight weeks, but early days though it may be, I have to say the alleged iPad "magic" continues to elude me.

Analysts:  The iPod is Dying
The nail in the coffin may have been Apple’s recent decision to replace the iPod touch as its back-to-school discount workhorse with a $100 iTunes discount card.

Mac OS X surges in business, thanks to the iPad

Research shows that Apple is growing significantly in the enterprise as more companies offer it as an option to employees -- and as most employees take up the offer.


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