Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blog #400

graphic from Wikimedia Commons

Today's blog post marks number 400 at the Drive-thru, so I'll indulge myself in reflecting on what my blog means to me these days.

From the beginning, the Drive-thru has served as a way for me to work out my thoughts on various instructional technology topics.  When I started, it was fun for this English major to simply start writing in an authentic way.  While I've lost the "kick" I get from writing,  the discipline definitely helps me sort out my experiences and notions.

The focus has shifted somewhat from classroom practice, to professional development, to curation.  I enjoy the way that the blog itself causes me to read more.  Sometimes during lunch I'll sift through my RSS feeds looking for quotes or links.  Beside serving the blog, I also come across many interesting subjects and articles that I don't pass along.

At first when I started to post I was disappointed that I was not achieving more discussion with my posts.  But then I started to notice a curious tendency: I tended to achieve more back and forth when something had ticked me off or I had taken a more provocative position.  So I rarely even think about it anymore.  Google supplies me with stats on my number of readers.  I'm happy to know that I have an audience even if I am not artificially ginning up controversy. (We have enough of that in the media, don't we?).

And lastly I confess a guilty pleasure:  I still love looking for photos on the Creative Commons.  While today's effort is not perhaps my best, as with all the others, it suits the the theme in some obvious or obscure way.  And I have not violated copyright.

Thanks for stopping at the Drive-thru.

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