Sunday, August 14, 2011

Front Burner Techie Projects

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I am a project oriented person, and for better or for worse I tend to have three or four things going at once.  I find that I manage this pretty well until about two-thirds of the way through.  Sometimes I then get a little bored and let my mind drift to new projects. Not this time!  I am very geeked about the following techie initiatives that I can pursue as an administrator:

* Developing our school web site to incorporate a "Student Show Case" and integrate all of our sports teams' information.

* Deploying M-Hub so that students can use our web site to find  school community "experts" for career, project, and college search information.

* Developing coherent and robust curriculum for video instruction (long range)

*And the grandaddy of them all: conduct a thorough review of our school's technology use through surveys and focus groups as part of a project to take our technology infrastructure and tools into the future.

Hmnn . . . . The last one is sort of three or four in itself.

Well, I posted these as part of an effort to hold myself to following through on these.  I'll check beack with you in four months and let you know how they are going!  I have lots of help for the first goal, but if I take my eye off the other three, I will fess up.  Hopefully, I'll have good things to report down the road.

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