Thursday, March 20, 2014

Plagiarism, Twitter, the NBA, and Happy Birthday to the Mac!

Is It Plagiarism or Collaboration?
Should we ever stymie collaboration among our students? We live in a collaborative world. It is rare in a job, let alone life, that individuals work in complete isolation – with lack of assistance or contributions from anyone else. Perhaps as educators, it’s time to reassess how we want students to work.

10 Ways to Promote Student Engagement
Easy learning activities and assignments are not as effective at engaging students as activities and assignments that challenge them. When students are reflecting, questioning, conjecturing, evaluating, and making connections between ideas, they are engaged.

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Thank you Twitter!
I made an effort to include these teachers in Twitter discussions.  I invited them into chats and asked for their opinion on topics.  Slowly, we transformed professional development with small groups on our campus.  After contract hours, we had collaboration and discussions amongst colleagues that were only made possible through Twitter.  The learning did not stop when teachers left for the day.

Don’t Let Educational Technology become the NBA
My fear in education is that if we are not careful, our use of technology has the potential to be just like the NBA. Augmented reality (AR) is amazing. Spreadsheets? Hmm…not so much. Let’s not ignore what tech is really for, to enhance great teaching and learning. If AR helps kids understand and explore deeper like the setting in a novel, then use. Just don’t use it just to use it. Make it impactful.

The Next Revolution In School Tech: Bring Your Own Device
“As more and more kids have phones connected to the internet, it is not helpful to have a lock-down approach, . . . [Roger Broadie] says. “We should be developing a culture where they’re self-policing” . . . . He believes concerns over e-safety are something of a red herring. The real stumbling block is the challenge it presents for teaching methods. “As soon as you expect the use of pupil devices, it means teachers are going to have to think about what they’re doing in the classroom.

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