Saturday, March 29, 2014

Becoming a Digital School Administrator with the Help of Tweeters!

Becoming a Digital School Administrator is a collection of resources that I have collected in an iTunes U course.  This course targets prospective and current school building administrators, but I hope it has useful resources for all educational leaders.  Technology leadership through modeling is a dominant theme of this course. A unique feature is that the primary course materials originate from veteran building administrators who "walk the walk". 

A section of my iTunes U course from the "We Have Cameras, Let's Use Them" section.

The main premise of the course is that modeling is a vital component of technology leadership.  Consequently sharing best practices of how we building administrators authentically use technology in our own jobs will help to promote technology integration at our schools.

Since launching the course in September, I have developed a presentation which I will present at ISTE in June.  I previewed the presentation at ISTE's first virtual conference, using (with permission of course!) resources by elementary principals Curt Rees and Melinda Miller.

Several other wonderful contributions have been made by the likes of  Bret Coley, Eric Scheninger, and Trang Lai.  In January I updated the course material and I am currently doing another refresh.

This time, I have dug into Twitter and have invited some fellow followers to contribute.  I hope that they or any school building administrator will to contribute their best digital practices to course, which is organized around the following six topics:
I highly recommend that you check out Brent's blog!

I hope to keep my own game sharp by learning about what others are doing. Please contact me at if you have something to share.

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