Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Photos and Comments from Tech Talk at Mercy High School

2014 Tech Talk for Educators at Mercy High School is complete. We are tying up loose ends and next week examining ways to improve the event, next year. Please share constructive comments.
Mercy teachers lock in on presenter

Pardon me if I dwell one more blog post on the things that went right.

* We exceeded hoped for attendance by twenty percent. 250 educators participated.

* We had a killer Keynote speech

* Attendees praised a wide variety of break out presenters.

* The day was fun!

* Below is a captioned slideshow along with some of the general email/survey comments that we have received. Click here for the Twitter chatter.

Absolutely wonderful conference!  Excellent venue, service, and structure. Thank you for the opportunity to present. I hope to return in the future.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting on a wonderful conference.  For a locally developed conference I thought it was incredibly well run and professional.

Thank you!  Great food.  Mercy is visitor friendly.  I appreciated being able to chat with your students in the library.

Everything was well organized.  I particularly appreciated how well things were labeled in the halls.

Great conference.  Food was great, people friendly, good tech support, so helpful!

Very well organized.  Location of sessions very easy to find.

Awesome conference.  I gained a lot of valuable information and apps.

I really enjoyed this conference.  I’m excited to use many of the applications I learned about today.  I think it was affordable and close to my house and work.  Excellent job Mercy!  

The keynote speaker was inspirational.

Thanks for great day of learning, inspiring and collaboration.

Please offer conferences in the future.

All sessions were wonderful.

I loved that I was able to get useful resources and ideas that I could use in the classroom.

This was very well organized and all of the presenters were very knowledgeable.

Thank you for a great experience!  The format of the day allowed for a lot of learning and game me much to think about for my district.

Great event. . . .I look forward to seeing this grow in the future.

Keynote was outstanding!

Great presentations.

It was a day well spent.

Most photos by Hallie Smith and Sarah Rogers. Margaret Kurpiers, Heather Kellstrom, and Larry Baker also contributed.


Theresa Stager said...

Larry, it was an awesome conference. My teachers left pumped up and with ideas to implement immediately. I have already seen them happening throughout the school! I would love to bring my entire staff as a PD day next year. Also, the food was AMAZING! Great job on what proved to be a reminder of what amazing teachers, administrators and professional development we have in the state of Michigan.

Liz Kolb, Ph.D. said...

I was honored to be your "pilot" Keynote. It was a great group of educators, they were enthusiastic and engaged! Congratulations on a wonderful PD experience!

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