Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quotes for October-- Connected Educator Month

“October is Connected Educator Month, a well-timed reminder as we hit stride in the new school year to not settle into a pattern of isolation, but to consciously strive to view issues in education through multiple lenses.”  -- John Marschhausen

"The question is not if you will find success. As long as you are looking it will find you." -- Stephen W. Anderson

“Many look at tweeting and blogging as technocentric or even narcissistic, yet I look at them as ways of learning and connecting. There are so many real educators out there who want to get better at what they do so that they can always do what is best for kids.”  -- George Couros

“It's greatest time in history to be in a classroom because learning tech is changing at an exponential rate, our students can thrive with it.”  -- Bill Sheskey

“Twitter has become a consistent place to grow professionally.. familiar spot that exists outside geography and beyond time zones.”  -- Sean Junkins

“Football is to education as bullfighting is to agriculture.”  
-- Robert Maynard Hutchins 

"Network Diagram of My Vancouver Facebook friends"  via Compfight cc

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