Sunday, October 20, 2013

Becoming a Digital School Administrator: Using Doodle

Unfortunately, one of the trade-offs of moving from the classroom to administration is attending more meetings.  Doodle does not get me out of those meetings, but it surely helps me save time scheduling them.

And talk about an opportunity to model technology!  I was hooked the first time I was invited to Doodle and have hooked others with my invitations.  Doodle is a cloud poll which determines the optimum time for holding a meeting.  It is particularly helpful with large groups where round-robin emailing would be impossible. Send out a Doodle invitation with some possible meeting dates and times and the poll determines the best choices.  I still have colleagues that do the emailing thing- what a waste of time!

I have created the following tutorial for my iTunes U course, entitled,
Becoming a Digital School Administrator 

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