Sunday, October 6, 2013

iTunes U Course Manager Workshop

Recently I sent out the following invitation to staff for an iTunes U Course Manager Workshop:

I will be offering an iTunes U Course Manager Workshop on October 7.  I feel inspired, having published another public course over the weekend:

If you check out this link or any of the others in this email, do so on the iPad. The best reason for creating courses or collections for iTunes U is the way the materials interact with the iPad.  The interface is like a very organized, tabbed spiral notebook, while iTunes U on the Mac or PC presents more like a list of resources.

Don't be put off by the term iTunes U "course".  One can create a "course" on
French Honor Society, Shays' Rebellion, or The Godfather.  This software can certainly be used to present a traditional college or high school course, as many professors and departments have done. But if you check out my "courses" you will see that they are actually curated digital collections on topics.  

Your can create your ITunes U Course Manager account with your Apple ID here:  

Even if you don't attend the workshop take the time to explore the fabulous
resources freely available for the use of you and your students at iTunes U. Here is a representative sampling:

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (Eden Prarie H.S. Math Department)

Final Cut Pro X Basics (University of Arizona)

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