Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Month of Technology Immersion -- iTunes U and iBooks Author

This has been an invigorating month in terms of upgrading my own technology
skills and network.  It has probably been the most intense immersion in my professional career since both the ISTE Conference and ADE Institute were part of the experience, exposing me to new people, ideas, and training. 

Earlier this summer, I reflected on iWizards and Their Far-Flung Cousins. This has led to a Multi Touch chapter for and ADE anthology that I have titled Empowering Your iWizards. I also have had the opportunity to contribute content and editorial attention to four chapters of iMercy, a book that six of us are authoring (with many more contributions beyond) which explodes with multimedia products from Mercy's 1:1 program.

My blog postLead by Example, has also evolved into a new project. I am
curating an iTunes U course for prospective and practicing school administrators.  Its theme is technology leadership by modeling.  Of course I have already learned a great deal myself about this topic.  It is not my intent to preach or scold, instead it will be a place for admins to go in order to get ideas for "walking the walk".

I particularly value the authentic voices of administrators I have been able to add to the course.  Within this past week alone, Dr. Eric Williams, Amber TeamanDr. Dan Frazier, Dr. Spike CookMelinda Miller, and Deanna Dykstra have all agreed to contribute media.  What a terrific group of individuals to add to my PLN, and who better to share their ideas and talents on this topic.

Naturally, as the students return to school for their activities and then their classes, I will have many more competing priorities.  However, I am thankful that this month of ed tech interactions has given me momentum to complete these projects in the near future.

Daily adding materials to my open course.

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