Sunday, August 11, 2013

Becoming a Digital Administrator -- Use Your Camera!

In a recent post, I indicated that I was learning more than I was teaching as I assembled my iTunes U course, Becoming a Digital Administrator. I referred to my discoveries of all the interesting things that other building administrators were doing.

Yesterday, my learning took a different tack.  I had a "hole" in my curriculum related to how school administrators might use the camera in their mobile devices.  I found photos taken by principals, but no media or commentary authored by administrators on this particular subject.  

Since I take lots of snap shots with my phone as I go about my own business, I decided to fill the breech, but I wasn't sure what kind of application to use to create a movie with my jpegs.  Recording a narrative and then fitting a bunch of photos with it in iMovie seemed pretty time intensive.

I came up with a much better solution.  I quickly dragged the photos into a Keynote slide presentation and put dissolve transitions between all the slides. Keynote allows the user to directly record a voiceover onto the slides.  So I plugged my Snowball mic into the computer, clicked "record", and found myself comfortable commenting on my slides without a script.  

After I was done, I exported the slide show as the QuickTime movie which you can check out below.  Any blemish in production values is due to the "talent", not the technology.  But it was easy and fun.

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