Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mercy High School's iTunes U Public Site

On August 23, Tom James and I launched Mercy's iTunes U public site.  Julie Earle is designing the pages of Mercy's collections at the site. While Tom is administering the site, he needed content for the page in order to launch it, and I was ready with two publications.

For the past six week, I have been curating a public course, called Becoming a Digital School Administrator.  This course targets prospective and current school building administrators, but has useful resources for all educational leaders. The course is less a prescription than it is a collection of best practices which exemplify how administrators can greatly benefit from using the same tech tools that teachers need to employ.

I have also started a "course" which contains workshop resources provided for Mercy teachers.

These two courses show how iTunes U can be used in both broad and narrow ways.  A "course" can be designed for anyone in the world or for a very discreet population or class.

The iTunes U courses are beautiful and extremely user-friendly on the iPad.  It is my hope that the iTunes U site will serve our iPad-wielding students, specifically, and be a means of sharing best practices and resources to the greater community.  I am proud to have inaugurated the site with my two courses . . . . . and I am already busy at work on a third.

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