Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Captivating Teacher Manifesto, Best Apps, and More

From Cool Cat Teacher Blog
The Captivating Teacher Manifesto
I want to be captivating. I want to entrance students with my subject. I want students fascinated to walk into my classroom. . . .

Connecting Students to Geometry Through Twitter
When will we use this?” It’s the question all teachers hate and motivated me to change my approach to teaching. Being a geometry teacher, it was easy for me to find life applications of my subject. I found myself snapping pictures daily and adding them into my smart board lessons. It wasn’t until I went to Alan November’s conference in Austin that I realized there were easier and faster ways to bring “real life” into my classroom. Why had I never thought of any of this before?

5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make with iPads (And How to Correct Them)

Over the last few years K-12 schools and districts across the country have been investing heavily in iPads for classroom use. EdTechTeacher has been leading iPad professional development at many of these schools and we’ve seen firsthand how they approach iPad integration. . . .

How Students Learn Differently in Online vs. Face-to-face Classes
An offhand comment by a caller to NPR’s On Point discussion of "Big Changes in Higher Ed" about the difference in learning between online education and traditional classes got me thinking about what those differences actually are and whether one mode of learning is inherently superior to the other. Here’s my take on how learning varies between the two to help prospective students decide which path to choose in higher education. . . .

The Best Apps, Communities & Tools for Writers and Journalists 
Richard Bach once said, “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” From CNN anchors to TNW contributors, those bound by the written word can always benefit from a leg up in the digital age. Here, we give you some of the best apps, tools, and communities for writers and journalists. Whether you’re suffering from writer’s block or en route to becoming the next BBC reporter, we promise: there’s an app for that. . . .

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