Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Reaching a Milestone . . . Sort of

I was startled to realize that recently I surpassed 500 blog posts to the Drive-thru.  When I started the blog, I intended political commentary (Hence the peculiar name).  But that only lasted a couple of posts.  Consequently,  it is safe to assume that I have composed at least 500 ed tech related items.

The 500th Post at Larry's Opinion Drive-thru
Though the blog format is a bit dated, it still works for me.  I do not have the energy (or the content) for tweeting blurbs throughout the day.  I also prefer scheduling composition in advance, so that I can compose when the time and mood suit me. because I don't teach four courses a semester,  I don't have as much material in reserve as I used to have.  Consequently, I share articles or quotes that I've been reading with greater frequency.  

My shift into school administration has shifted my content as well.  Teaching only one class means that I am less likely to report upon my methods for using technology with my students.  On the other hand, administration allows me to observe what others are doing and reflect on broader programs like professional development.  I am now more likely to post material to our school IT blog and port it over here, so the Drive-thru has a stronger taste of matters that effect the Mercy High School community in particular.

That said, the blog still serves me well.  Writing is good way to clarify one's own thinking on a subject.  In addition, the blog also subtly pressures me to try knew things and follow through on experiments.  If my reported successes and failures help others, that's pretty cool, too.

Larry's Opinion Drive-thru remains open for the foreseeable future, and I hope to continue serving up fresh chow.  Thanks for reading any one of the 500+.

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