Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coming Soon to Mercy -- iPad Whiz Kids!

Soon I will be sending out invitations to ninth and tenth graders inviting them to become trained as iPad Whiz Kids.  The idea is still very much in development, but the rough outline has become clear.  A group of thirty iPad wizards will spend a school day with Mercy consultant and ed techie extraordinaire, Lucy Gray.  They will spend the day learning, sharing, and creating.
Photo by Jennifer Schuck taken in her Design Foundations class
After identifying, training, and branding our whiz kids we we hope they serve the school community by helping Mercy students and staff with iPad issues and initiatives.  They would also play a special role in orienting next year's iPad newbies to the iPad academic workflow at our school.
It's all very exciting-- the applications will go out in a couple of days.

Expect to hear more soon!

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