Thursday, October 25, 2012

On the Occasion of My 2000th Tweet

As it turns out, I tweeted for the 2000th time, a couple of weeks ago.  Actually it was a retweet, unsurprisingly about baseball from a Tiger fan who calls himself Phil Coke's Brain.  
Here it is:

My unremarkable 200th tweet.

The avatar is quite humorous, because Phil Coke is a normally mediocre player with entertaining eccentricities and odd quips.  Ironically he has performed as a hero in the recent baseball playoffs that have produced a trip to the World Series by our beloved Tigers.  It is not surprising that I would have been on Twitter during a baseball game.  I have a special column of "all star" tweeters on my Tweetdeck which I usually follow on my iPad as I watch the game on tv.  It is quite entertaining to watch the game with these fellow sports nuts during a contest.

It's much more difficult to do this at a Tiger game because getting a cellular signal is so difficult.  I was in bliss when I visited  Target Field in Minnesota. The Minnesota Twins actually provide Wi-fi for the fans, assuming that they wish to enrich the experience with their mobile devices.  In fact, the Twins had their own in-house app for mobiles.

This probably strikes some old-time fans as disrespect for the game itself.  But I would point out a couple of things.  First, I am a serious sports fan.  Aso, I love it that I do not have to wait until the next day for a newspaper to get someone's informed reaction to the game.  And, if you think about it there is a lot of dead time during a baseball (or football) game.  Plenty of time for both watching and tweeting.

This year, M-Hub is going to initiate an enrichment activity at Mercy High School using Twitter.  As far as I know it will be the first attempt to carry on a conversation through mobile devices during a school activity.  We are working with the dedicated planners of the  Women Mean Business Symposium to arrange for a Twitter hashtag during their panel presentations.  Tweeters can then have their comments projected onto a screen and perhaps some of the chirps can play into the program itself.  Hopefully this can model a best practice using social media for our students and draw them more personally into the program.

Creative Commons photo by ~Ilse

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