Sunday, July 29, 2012

Update on Staff iPad P.D.

A month ago, I wrote "Ten Things for Three Labs", describing our scheme for providing drop-in labs for helping staff with a set of techie skills they were assigned to achieve before August 30. Included among these goals were basic proficiency with Moodle, Google Calendar, the iPad camera, and some staple iPad apps. This week we hosted our third lab and had about 30 staff members in attendance. I was pretty blown away by the turn out, and the level of proficiency with the iPad has really advanced. Best of all the atmosphere in the room was spirited-- lots of laughter.

Our trainers continue to turn out in high numbers. Perhaps most impressive of all, one teacher completed her ten challenges and decided she was ready to volunteer as a "trainer." Very cool.

One side of our room during a busy "lab
We've scheduled one more lab on August 14 before school starts in earnest. Mercy 2.0 moves on apace!

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