Sunday, July 22, 2012

Special Invitations

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I've always taken a lot of pleasure from planning my courses.  Consequently, I am enjoying getting ready for my AP Government class in August.  The first home work assignment will be pretty simple.  The students will have to write me an email explaining why they took the course and what AP score is necessary to earn credit at the colleges they may be attending.

But there also is a bit of digital housekeeping.  They will be asked to accept invitations to six collaborative spaces:

* The Blogging about Vlogs Blogger site where students will post their videos on topical matters and which serve as the basis for current events discussion from all members of the class.

*A Google Doc for signing up to do a video and lead a class discussion.

*A Google Doc spreadsheet for self-grading the volts and blogs.

*A Google Doc sign up sheet for selecting one of the required documentary films to view individually.

*A Blogger site which will serve for posting the podcasts students will create in order to review their documentaries and then comment on their classmates podcasts.

*A shared Dropbox folder for submitting some assignments.

In a coming blog post, I'll share my list of documentaries and explain the podcast / review process.

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