Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Move to iPad and Google Apps

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This week we announced a major change to our educational technology plan at MHS.  As part of what we are calling "Mercy 2.0", we are moving to the iPad as our 1:1 device and we will be adopting Google Apps. Among the reasons:

The iPad’s functions fall more in line with current staff and student usage than our current device.  What is more, the 400,000 apps available on the iPad (for a relative pittance) offer great opportunities for instructional customization and exploration.  

The cost of a Mercy education should be measurably reduced for new students.  Furthermore, our Wi-Fi system can accommodate the iPad, immediately, meaning that we will not incur major infrastructure costs in the transition.

The iPad is light, has a battery life that makes it through our school day, and boots up/shuts down almost instantly.  We expect that the students will need little time “learning” how to use the device.

The iPad is a terrific e-reader.  The lack of digital materials available on our laptops has been (along with cost) a chronic disappointment with our program.  With e-texts becoming more available, the iPad is suited to to lightening book bags.

Needless to say, these major changes will help supply the Drive-thru with content in 2012!


Carol Kirkland said...

Great decision! They will LOVE their iPads!

Ryan Bretag said...

How are you addressing the fact that Google Apps and iPads simply do not work well beyond rudimentary editing and view only?

I value both very much but the fact that they aren't playing nicely nor is there any signs they plan to start, it seems difficult to create a 1:1 environment with iPads and a foundation of Google Apps.

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