Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resources for Budding Filmmakers and other Good Stuff

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5 Online Resources for Budding Filmmakers
Although nothing can help you develop that intuitive knowing like hands-on experience can, here are 5 great resources for learning filmmaking skills.

TimesCast/2011: The Year in Media
A look back at the growing intersection between social and mainstream media.

10 Apps for Working Really Easily with Apps on the iPad
I got sent a form the other day that the sender needed filled out and sent back immediately. Fortunately for them they were using an app that allowed me to tap on the form, type in the required information and send it back. Many apps give you the ability to write anywhere on the PDF. I thought this was great and so sourced a number of cheaper apps so I could do this on the iPad.

New Etiquette for Using Tech, In and Out of Class
Technology, especially social media and text messaging, competes for students’ attention as never before. When half of social media users say they check messages from bed, and 11 percent of those 25 or younger are willing to interrupt sex for a Twitter or Facebook message, what chance do teachers have of keeping students’ attention in class?

In the Flop of H.P TouchPad, and Object Lesson for Tech Sector
The TouchPad tablet from Hewlett-Packard was one of the most closely watched new gadgets of 2011 — and quickly turned out to be the year’s biggest flop. The TouchPad, which was supposed to be a rival to Apple’s iPad, lasted just seven weeks on the market before H.P. killed it, citing weak sales. Analysts point to a long list of factors behind the tablet’s quick demise. But some of the people involved in creating the tablet’s core software now say the product barely had a fighting chance. . . . . 

Flipped Classroom Full Picture
The following lesson describes a type of flipped classroom.  This lesson did not center around the content media, in this case the Slideshare, but on the students’ personal experiences, interactions with other students, and acquisition of tangible life skills.

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